Full featured photo editing application:


  1. Multiple layers, virtually unlimited number of layers. adjustable transparency , support for many different blending modes.

  2. Full set of painting tools : pencil , bush, air brush, clone tool, gradients, text, dogde/burn, sharpen/blur, smudge,...

  3. Filters , many filters for adjusting the image : different blur filters, tilt shift,

  4. Supports copy paste within the app and across apps ( can paste image and text data from third party tools)

  5. Undo/Redo support

  6. Document Manager

  7. Import Adobe Brush files, just select teh brush pack in Safari and select open in tim, this will automatically import the brush pack into the application

  8. Brush Manager : allows you to manage the downloaded brush packs, decide which ones to use/delete,...

Video showing how to import brushesTouch_Image_Manipulator_files/load_ps_brushes.swf